Mark Wahlberg talks ‘Max Payne’


Mark Wahlberg is packing heat once again as a vengeful vigilante in bullet-fired action flick Max Payne. He talks to Michele Manelis

In an unpredictable world economy, it seems Hollywood studios are hedging their bets on relatively low-risk movies that can guarantee an inbuilt theatre audience from video game and graphic novel fans. But are they any good?

Max Payne drops Mark Wahlberg in this gritty and violent world, playing an angst-ridden, widowed cop blinded by revenge.

An unusual choice after his Oscar nomination for The Departed earlier this year, Wahlberg, 37, blazes through this murky tale about a slain wife and baby and an ill-intentioned pharmaceutical company. The movie features otherworldly creatures, and, of course, a government conspiracy is thrown into the mix.

(NZ Herald)


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