‘Mad Men’ TV show to end in 3 seasons according to creator

The TV show Mad Men has been successful and popular for a number of years now. But many have questioned its future on the air.

Now that the protracted Mad Men negotiations are finally over, the show’s creator is looking ahead to the show’s future — and, surprisingly, already seems to have a conclusion in mind.

Exec producer Matthew Weiner tells TV Guide that he only sees the show lasting for another three seasons: “I think that’s how long the story is…I want the show to end before the machinery has worn out.” It’s unclear if Weiner has run this plan by his network: AMC had no comment on the three-season plan.

Weiner’s reps wouldn’t respond to EW’s calls for confirmation, but the 7th season cut-off seems to make sense. Weiner and the cast are currently only signed through season 6, but given that everyone involved with Mad Men has made their career off the show, it seems logical that everyone would be onboard for another season. (Although we can likely expect some fun season 7 contract negotiations.)


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