‘Mad Men’ DVD features look at Ford Mustang

As many of us sulk over news that the next season of AMC's Mad Men isn't going to air until sometime next year, at least there is a consolation prize for car-loving buyers of the Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray disc set. It's one of the bonus features, a history of the creation of the Ford Mustang.

The feature is quite a pleasant surprise. The series, after all, traces a fictitious Madison Avenue advertising firm through the 1960s, complete with the boozing and skirt-chasing. It doesn't have much connection to the the auto industry at the time, or its own drinking and womanizing.

But the half-hour-long feature is actually pretty compelling. That's a sample in the video, above. You'll see the cars that led up to the Mustang and the marketing secret --hence the Mad Men tie-in -- that led to the pony car becoming the breakthrough car of the era. Worth watching.


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