Macho Blow-out: Kurt Russell vs Patrick Swayze


When I was a kid I thought that Kurt Russell was the coolest guy in the world. He was tough, mean, trashy, funny, and even kicked demon ass in Big Trouble in Little China. And yeah, he was Snake Plissken. But outside of the John Carpenter films, he didn't do much for me.  At the same time I hated Patrick Swayze. Of course, this is the time that Dirty Dancing had taken over the world: from an omnipresent soundtrack, to the fact that every girl in my high school was obsessed with it. Heck, I had a girlfriend that used to come home and watch it on VHS every day during lunch break. And through it all I couldn't help but watch the movie and think that Swayze was such a pussy, if you'll pardon my 17-year-old vernacular. 

Over the years, my positions have changed, and it seems like I am constantly see-sawing back and forth between these two cheesy American actors. But why them in particular? Well, despite each starring in some of my favorite all time bad movies (Big Trouble in Little China and Road House, to be specific), I have also come to realize that Russell and Swayze are like the dark and light versions of the same male macho fantasy. And so, I decided, in good manly fashion, to pit them against each other in a no-holds-barred career grudge match. You may be a sensitive Swayze type or smart-ass Russell wanna-be, but either way, the parallels will astound you.

(Source: WFMU Blog)

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