Machete – movie was 15 years in the making

Machete - a movie that is as dangerous as it is explosive upon watching it.

Danny Trejo, the craggy-faced, tough-guy character actor who has appeared in almost 200 movies and TV shows, was in the middle of an autograph session in London in 2007 with director Robert Rodriguez to promote the release of Grindhouse when he encountered an unusually devoted fan.

``This guy came up to me and lifted his shirt, and he had a huge tattoo of [me as] Machete on his back,'' recalls Trejo, who usually plays a villain who gets blown away by the hero. ``He asked me to autograph it and then said he was going to have my signature permanently tattooed. That's when I turned to Robert and said `You better make this movie, and you better make it good.' ''

At that time, Machete -- the story of a Mexican Federale who fights corruption and drug dealers with the eponymous blade -- wasn't a real film. Rodriguez had directed a fake trailer for the movie that was shown during the three-hour Grindhouse, an epic homage to 1970s exploitation pictures. Grindhouse was a disappointment at the box office, grossing $25 million worldwide.

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