Lost Movie Finally Gets Released After Thirteen Years

Back in 1997, "Colin Fitz Lives!" was the darling of the Sundance film festival. The low-budget comedy was praised by Roger Ebert and Harry Knowles. It went on to win a slew of film fest awards and looked poised to be another breakout indie hit like Kevin Smith's "Clerks", Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" and Robert Rodriquez's "El Mariachi."

Instead, the movie just disappeared.

Over the years, "Colin Fitz Lives!" developed into something of a legend in the indie world. Fans everywhere wondered when the "greatest film never released" -- as it was dubbed by the San Francisco Chronicle -- was ever going to hit their local theater. Fourteen years and three presidents later, the movie is finally about to get its theatrical due.

So what happened? As director Robert Bella describes in an essay that appeared in Indiewire.com, the short answer is crippling debt.



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