Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide for 2011

Leonard Maltin 2011 Movie Guide

Every year, movie critic Leonard Maltin releases his Movie Guide, updated with new listings. In the paperback version alone, the book is a whopping fat thousand pages. It's a great reference book for cinephiles.


In the age of Netflix, even just browsing the seemingly infinite selection of movies on DVD can be overwhelming. With hundreds of new films on the market every year, how does one choose? Fortunately, America's most respected film critic can help. For more than four decades, Leonard Maltin's movie guides have helped millions of viewers make the best selection for any occasion.

In addition to more than 17,000 capsule reviews and information including date of release, running time, and MPAA rating, the 2011 edition also includes more than 350 new entries, an index of actors and directors, and Leonard's personal recommendations. Savvy consumers know-when it comes to the movies-there's only one real guide.


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