Lennie James on Hawkins’ shadowy past on ABC’s ‘Jericho’

Jericho, ABC’s bright spot from its new fall line-up last year, finishes off the sweeps season with it season finale. Struggling and crumbling from the aftermath of a post-nuclear attack, the small town of Jericho in Kansas (though there are an awful lot of hills around the town) is forced to defend itself against a neighboring town and militia for scarce resources. The scenario it paints over the course of its promising season is a world of conflicting loyalties, even among loved ones and that of a civil war that divides neighbors’ mere miles away. It’s also good entertainment with a decent cast that grows on you.  

Along with Skeet Ulrich, one of the heroes of Jericho has turned out to be Robert Hawkins, the man with a shadowy past who knows more than he lets on. As he tries infuriatingly to protect his family, he only ends up alienating them more. Oh, and he’s got a nuke bomb buried in his shed that only Ulrich’s character knows of. Hawkins is played by British actor Lennie James. He could have fooled anyone with his American accent but James plays Hawkins with a twisted ingrained grin that underscores his desperation. In this interview, James speaks of how he scored the Hawkins role after being in Los Angeles for only a couple of weeks.  

The mystery of the nuclear bombs in Jericho is what the producers are keeping audiences in the dark about because it has to save something good to unravel in the next season. My guess is that the plot will move into more urban territory from its rural roots to get deeper into the fallout of the nuclear bombs.

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