Lena Headey’s not your big-screen Sarah Connor

Ask Lena Headey the wrong question, and you might get terminated.

The star of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is tired of dealing with comparisons to the Terminator movies' Sarah Connor, played famously by Linda Hamilton. "She did a great job. Hopefully I'm doing a great job," says Headey, 34.

"There is a band of Terminator fans that will never be swayed, so they can just watch the movies," she adds. "But most people are really open to it. I do what I do, I can't control who thinks what."

The series (Mondays, Fox, 9 p.m. ET/PT) takes place after the second Terminator movie, before Sarah is terminated in the third film. It enjoyed the season's top-rated premiere for a scripted series, with 18.4 million viewers, and last week pulled in a respectable 8.7 million viewers.

(Source: USA Today)

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