Learning from DVD extras

Learning from DVD extras

One of the long-standing myths about filmmaking is that occasionally a sloppy director will let a boom mic wander into the top of a shot. The truth is that sloppy projectionists are the ones to blame - the film is meant to be properly framed on the screen to avoid such slips.

Even so, it's useful to be reminded that there's a world outside the motion- picture frame, and it can be instructive and sometimes quite fun to have a peek at it. So here's roundup of facts, figures and quotations gleaned from a year's worth of DVD extras. Roll 'em!

1. The long game, Part 1: Stephen Lang tried out for James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens but wasn't cast. However, Cameron remembered him and offered him the role of Col. Quaritch in Avatar. Says Lang: ``You audition, and 20 years later, you get the part.''

2. The long game, Part 2: Not only did 26-year-old John Morris reprise his role as the voice of Andy in Toy Story 3; Sid, the toys' nemesis from the first movie, voiced by Erik von Detten, returns in a cameo as a garbage collector - wearing the same T-shirt (in a larger size) as in the first movie.

3. Take that, Chekhov: Francis Ford Coppola says he introduces a gun in the first act of Tetro, but it never gets fired.


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