‘Lady Kanye’ interrupts Oscar speech

Anyone who watched the entire Oscar broadcast last night couldn't help but say "What was that?" when one man's speech was crashed by a lady in a purple jacket. It was all too reminiscent of another abrupt takeover of an award-acceptance speech, which is why the mystery woman was immediately dubbed "Lady Kanye" in Internet chatter.

In a bizarre moment that was eerily similar to Kanye West's storming of the MTV Video Music Awards stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, filmmaker Roger Ross Williams was just a few seconds into his acceptance speech for Best Documentary Short, "Music By Prudence," when the ambush happened. A redheaded woman suddenly appeared next to Williams, took over the microphone saying, "Isn't it just like a man not to let the woman talk?" She then launched into her own speech as Williams stood there uncomfortably holding his award until the music began to play and the two were ushered off stage



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