Lady Gaga wants to be in movies

Lady Gaga wants to be in the movies. The largely successful entertainer has been out talking up her latest album and sharing her dreams with the world. On the satellite radio program "The Morning Mash Up" on Sirius XM Radio Friday, Gaga was candid on where she sees her career going next and it appears acting in the movies is her next step.

"I think at some point, yes. I think I'm sort of destined for screen at some point," said Lady Gaga when asked about where she sees her career and if it included the movies.

If you are a monster, then you know Lady Gaga can act and dance already. The entertainer has the mini movie with Beyonce that incorporates their hit ‘Telephone.’ Watching other videos of Lady Gaga, there isn’t any doubt her confidence on film shines through as her poses and performances make the videos that much more entertaining.

The careers of successful music entertainers usually bleed into the movies naturally. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Madonna all found great career moments on the silver screen. And even Justin Bieber wants to see his career turn more towards acting. An obvious progression as the musical talents of the entertainers dominate and they in turn want to be challenged further in the business.

If Lady Gaga finds the perfect role for her movie debut, you can bet her ‘Monsters’ will be there to support her one hundred percent.
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