Kyra Sedgwick riding high with ‘The Closer’


ANOTHER star might have been oblivious. But Kyra Sedgwick, fairly new to the game, was amazed recently to see two paparazzi in trucks nearly collide on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, each hoping to be the first to photograph her walking out onto the sidewalk. "I thought to myself, 'This is so absurd,' " she said. "I mean, I'm coming out of the Verizon store. What could be more boring?" And then she was glad she wasn't in pigtails and sweats. 

Sedgwick, 41, wouldn't have caused such a stir three years ago. But after a steady, 25-year career in show business, she struck gold with the role of crafty, disorganized, snack-obsessed LAPD interrogator Brenda Johnson in TNT's funny-dark, character-rich procedural "The Closer." 

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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