Kiefer Sutherland talks about new season of ’24’

"24" is back in action Sunday, January 17 on FOX, and Kiefer Sutherland's spilling secrets about the upcoming eighth season that sees the show moving to New York!

"It's absolutely a character in the piece," says Kiefer about using the Big Apple as the setting for the new season. "We didn't feel that there was another city in the United States that would suit the energy of '24' more than New York."

In the shadows of the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations, Day Eight unfolds as President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones), alongside new chief of staff Rob Weiss (Chris Diamantopoulos), negotiates international security with Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor), a determined Middle Eastern leader visiting the U.S. on a peacemaking mission. What could go wrong? Good thing Jack Bauer's in town…

Kiefer says the first four episodes are always the hardest to create each season because "you're trying to set up a story that's going to last 24 episodes, and at the same time you're trying to get an audience hooked and excited about what they're going to see; I would have to say fear is the dominant emotion that's going around all of us during the filming of those first four episodes."


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