Kevin Smith, McG and James Burrows Get in the Pilot Seat


You’ve seen the promos all summer long. Now it’s here. It wants your eyeballs, your love, your dedication. It’s fall TV. So let’s get started with... the CW?  I’ve had a grudge against the CW ever since its deciders canceled my beloved Veronica Mars. (If I keep chanting “Movie! Movie! Movie!,” do you think one will materialize?) But they’ve done a good bit of fence mending by green-lighting Reaper. It wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes the new show that most perks up my weary eyes when I realize there’s a fresh episode waiting for me after a long day . . . No, I don’t have a pet. Wait, yes I do. It’s called TiVo. And I don’t need to walk it. 

(Source: LA Weekly)

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