Keri Russell shares work-time, home-time stories


Keri Russell made a name for herself as contemplative, impulsive college student Felicity Porter on WB's Felicity, which aired from 1998 to 2002. And this holiday, she's Adam Sandler's love interest in the family flick Bedtime Stories, about a handyman whose tall tales magically start to come true.

"This movie was going along for the ride with Adam and trying not to laugh," says Russell, 32. "You're trying to hang on and ride the wave. I like being around guys. Guys are so simple. They sit around, tell funny stories. They're usually not talking (expletive) about people. It was a total guys set, and I didn't mind being the only girl, and I want to do another movie with Sandler."

Here's what else is going on with the sweetly self-deprecating actress, who lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Shane Deary, a carpenter, and their son, River, 1.



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