Keeping up with Indiana Jones

You hear that Harrison Ford is not an easy man to be in a room with. Combative as an interviewee, defensive as a person, you read that he is pernickety, brusque, that he challenges every question. He doesn't want to give anything away. That is part of his charisma.

I am in the beachy luxury of the old Spanish-style hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, chosen no doubt because he lives nearby, to be in a room with him. It's a shock. He's more sexy in the flesh. His face more rugged and real. He smiles a crooked but welcoming smile. His black shirt skims a taut stomach. Lots of working out. Age will not wither him. His hair is thick and in a ruffled crop. I tell him how much better he looks than the night before when I saw him on TV at the Academy Awards.

(Guardian UK)

Actors, Summer 2008

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