“Juno” writer went from stripping to Hollywood


Screenwriter Diablo Cody's sudden arrival on the Hollywood movie scene could well be compared to Lana Turner's famous discovery at Schwab's Drugstore — that is, if the drugstore were a blog, and Turner were a former stripper.

Cody, whose screenwriting debut "Juno" arrives at several Seattle-area theaters Friday after a charmed run through the film-festival circuit, is having the kind of debutante ball that most writers only dream of. Not so long ago, the 29-year-old was living in Minneapolis, working as a phone-sex operator and an insurance adjuster (the stripping had come earlier), and writing a blog about her life. Online one day, Hollywood producer Mason Novick ("Red Eye") happened to come across Cody's writings, and wondered if this fresh voice just might consider writing a movie.

(Source: Seattle Times)

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