Juliette Binoche’s career path knows no boundaries


A year at the Yale School of Drama costs $25,735. Juilliard is about $1,500 more. And you don't even want to know what an education from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art will set you back. For aspiring movie actors, it would be a lot cheaper just to study the career of Juliette Binoche. A week with her movies might not make you a better actor - although I don't see how it couldn't. But it may make you wiser about the acting you should aspire to do.

Binoche is as good an example as we have of an actor who appreciates the realities of a flattening world. She works in her native France but not always for the French. The American film industry for her is a nice place to visit but not to live in. Binoche is acting globally.

(Boston Globe)

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