Julia Roberts’ sister appears in her films

Acting siblings are rare and even more if they appear together.

Julia Roberts might be the most famous member of the Roberts acting dynasty (one that includes Oscar-nominated brother Eric and rising-star niece Emma), but her lesser-known sister, Lisa Roberts Gillan, has been by Julia's side for much of her career. And with a role in the much-hyped romantic travelogue "Eat Pray Love," Gillan will be hitting the big time alongside her younger sibling yet again.

Gillan, 45, has had small parts in several of her sister's movies, including 1994's "Something to Talk About," 1996's "I Love Trouble,"1999's "Runaway Bride," and 2003's "Mona Lisa Smile." In her sister's latest release, Gillan will actually play Julia's character, sort of.



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