Jude Law remembers Anthony Minghella


I think it is clear from his work that Anthony Minghella had a great heart. It is also clear that he was a romantic. He adored language and as much the secrets of what isn't said as what is. The fusion between life and music was as important to him as the written word.

Ant believed in people. His subtle understanding of people is what makes his interpretation of souls so engaging in his work. In life, too, he loved people. When I returned to London for his funeral, I was greeted at the airport by a BA staff member. While walking me to my car, she remarked that she had once met Mr Minghella – 'What a lovely man he was.' Such was the effect of Ant on everyone he met, if only once! He greeted you with fixed eyes, a very firm hand and always remembered names. You knew he was talking to you by his soft, carefully chosen words. Perhaps rarer, you knew he was listening.


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