Josh Brolin: The punk who became president

The two, young aspiring actors were hanging out at the low-rent Los Angeles apartment of the older of the pair. They were waiting for a phone call. They knew each other through their girlfriends, and both had auditioned for a lead role in a new TV series, the police drama 21 Jump Street. "Who is gonna get the part?" they wondered. "Who is gonna leave at this moment?" The Call came. "And it was Johnny who got it," recalls Josh Brolin of his old pal Johnny Depp. "I remember him stuffing a military bag full of his clothes and walking out the door." It was 1986, and Depp walked away into one of the brightest careers in Hollywood. Soon he would be a leading man, and a bona fide film star.

And Brolin? He walked into a guest slot in just one episode of 21 Jump Street, then into another series (the 1950s-set Private Eye), then a succession of TV projects, low-budget movies and obscure dramas. Indeed, his most successful role was, in a way, his first: in 1985, aged 16, Brolin starred in the Steven Spielberg-produced The Goonies.



Josh Brolin channels the President


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