Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks ‘500 Days of Summer’ and ‘G.I. Joe’


He's been the star of a long-running sitcom. He's anchored well-regarded art-house favorites ranging from "Brick" to "Mysterious Skin." He's even completed work as a villain in a major studio summer blockbuster. And, two seconds before speaking with me about his Sundance favorite "500 Days of Summer," Joseph Gordon Levitt has finished doing an entire interview in French.

Let's just say I'm impressed.

Wearing a bold red-and-black Barack Obama t-shirt, Gordon-Levitt is only 27, but he treats the Sundance experience like a savvy veteran. He's been to the Festival three times, making his first Park City visit for "Manic," a film which also featured his "500 Days of Summer" co-star Zoey Deschanel. Gordon-Levitt's doing double-duty this year with the short film "Sparks," which represents his directing debut, and the out-of-competition "500 Days."


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