Jon Hamm prefers acting with strong teammates

"It'll be just a second," said the pleasant assistant with the walkie talkie and the large bottle of aspirin. She tapped at the door of the hotel suite and then quietly slipped inside. A few moments later, she re-emerged, said she'd be back in 15 minutes and presented me to Jon Hamm.

The actor I recognized as TV's Don Draper shook my hand and asked me if I wanted something to drink. But the room-service cart had no martinis, just Cokes, next to the bottle of aspirin.

Earlier in the day, one of Toronto's many showbiz gossip programs reported that a tuxedo-clad Hamm had been out late celebrating with Ben Affleck, the director of their new movie "The Town," which premiered at the city's film festival. Yet Hamm didn't look like a Hollywood cliché. In his flannel shirt, he could have passed for the drama teacher at a Midwestern high school — which he'd briefly been, at his alma mater John Burroughs High School, after graduating from the University of Missouri in 1993.


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