Johnny Depp helps ‘Alice in Wonderland’ steal audience love from ‘Tron,’ ‘Christmas Carol’ at Disney 3D panel

You've never heard a room erupt until you've heard Hall H show Johnny Depp some love. As part of Disney's 3D panel, moderated by comedian andRatatouille star Patton Oswalt, Comic-Con rookie Tim Burton -- "I haven't been here since I was a student, when it was a few people and a slide show" -- showed the trailer for Alice in Wonderland. But Burton didn't bring anything else to show off. Except for his star. Depp walked on the stage, waved to the crowd, hugged Burton, and then walked off the stage. Three minutes of Depp, tops. And then we saw the trailer for the third time, because Oswalt liked it so much. Um, okay.



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