John Cusack plays another lone wolf in political satire ‘War, Inc.’


These days, actor John Cusack is frequently seen fielding questions from the media alongside Mark Leyner, co-writer of Cusack's latest movie, War, Inc.

When asked about his philosophical position at a recent interview in Toronto's Windsor Arms Hotel, with Leyner by his side, Cusack replied, "I'm a Leyner-ite. We've never disagreed about anything." Interviewers therefore now get two John Cusacks – or two Mark Leyners – for the price of one.

Leyner, 10 years older than the 41-year-old Cusack, is a novelist frequently described as a post-modern cult figure, the author of such works as Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog. His free-wheeling sensibility does seem to be in tune with Cusack's, especially in their collaboration on War, Inc. a political satire set in the near future in a fictional Middle Eastern country.

(Toronto Star)

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