Joaquin Phoenix climbs the A-list


IT seemed a good day to be Joaquin Phoenix -- noon, a Tuesday, the sun-dappled patio of the Chateau Marmont.  Phoenix entered holding a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses. He has two new movies out, "We Own the Night" and this Friday's "Reservation Road," his first since his interpretation of a young Johnny Cash in 2005's "Walk the Line" earned him a best actor Oscar nomination. The new films are both heavy-duty dramas requiring from Phoenix what he has evoked with stunning professionalism as an actor of only 32 -- a turmoil and vulnerability that would be almost pretty-boy, were it not for the infamous blemish above his lip, a lack of physical perfection that paradoxically means he can't be, you know, Spider-Man.

But "Walk the Line" made him, finally, a star. It was a role -- biopic of icon, made the year after the icon's death -- that could have been disastrous but was, instead, remarkable for the way it interpreted Cash's look and sound without lapsing into impression.

(Source: LA Times)


Phoenix rises: Ascending the A-list (MSNBC) 

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