Jimmy Smits Returns To TV On NBC’s “Outlaw”

Jimmy Smits is once again back on television.

The 55-year-old actor returns to the small screen starring in the TV show "Outlaw" which made its debut on NBC on Thursday night.

Smits plays Cyrus Garza who is frustrated by the limited, refereeing role a judge plays in the legal system, abruptly retires so that he may go forth and seek out injustices in need of correction.

Critics around the blogosphere seem to be mixed about Smits and his role on the new show.

As a character, Cyrus gives the actor plenty of opportunities to work the charisma that keeps audiences watching.

Of course, every crusading hero must assemble a team of young, eager and attractive associates, including the sexy private investigator (Carly Pope) and the super ambitious Ivy League clerk (Jesse Bradford).

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