Jesse Eisenberg New Movie – Playing A Hasidic Drug Dealer

Holy Rollers, the feature-film debut of director Kevin Asch, does one small thing and does it well. So well, in fact, that you find yourself wishing this miniaturist drama about Hasidic drug smugglers had bitten off a little more. As a portrait of a subculture few non-Hasidim ever get to glimpse, it’s funny, deft, and sharp.

The movie’s first half goes to great trouble to establish the texture of life in Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn; the second half is a rushed and unfocused tour of the Amsterdam rave scene. It’s not often I say this about a movie, but the 89-minute-long Holy Rollers, which is based on the true story of a short-lived Hasidic drug ring in the ’90s, would have benefited from an extra half-hour of running time.


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