Jeremy Irvine Of ‘War Horse’ On Spielberg, Stardom & All The Joeys

You could understand if Jeremy Irvine was feeling nervous, on edge, prickly: he's in a foreign country, bearing the burden of being the star of one of the most hyped movies of the year. A 20-year-old English kid, suddenly at the center of a passion project of one of the last half-century's greatest directors, a film that is being tipped for (and would soon be nominated for) a Golden Globe for Best Picture before it even hits theaters. But just hours before Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" premieres in New York, Irvine is all smiles, even as he's recovering from rounds of interviews and is crammed in the back of an elevator.

It's that type of indomitable optimism that must have attracted Spielberg to Irvine, that sort of pluck that made him willing to thrust him into the lead role of an English farm boy who loses his beloved horse to the British calvary in World War I but holds on to hope that he'll see him again. As we spoke a few days after our initial meeting in the elevator, Irvine is still elated from the whole process.



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