Jennifer Lopez – Behind the Glow


Newly minted triathlete Jennifer Lopez has two new feature films in the works, a Disney ’tween series, a greatest hits album, and a globe-trotting fall schedule.

In a Beast exclusive, Kevin Sessums offers a snapshot of Lopez in a more contemplative mood this summer, four months after the birth of twins Max David and Emme Guadalupe.

When Kevin Sessums interviewed Lopez, who’s approaching 40, at the Long Island estate she shares with husband Marc Anthony, she looked as exhausted as any new mom: She’d caught a bug from her daughter and was feeling ill. But, ever the trouper, she agreed to go through with the interview anyway, opening up about Scientology (“the technologies that they have are very helpful”), breast-feeding (she didn’t), and a “nervous breakdown,” as she calls it, that she’s never publicly discussed. The interview was originally done for a major fashion magazine, which removed Sessums from the story after Lopez regretted some of her comments and asked that the story not be published.

(Daily Beast)

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