Jennifer Aniston – Should She Quit Movies?

Jennifer Aniston loves to be in movies but do the movies love her? Apparently not. She is suffering box-office roadkill with most of the movies in her career. Does that mean she needs to return to TV land?

The former Friends actress’ new film,The Switch, has bombed at the box office!

The flick — which also stars Jason Bateman — landed at eighth place in its debut weekend, grossing just $8.1 million, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The Switch was bested by Twilightspoof Vampires Suck (#2, $12.2 million) Bow Wow’s Lottery Ticket (#4 with $11 million) and Piranha 3-D (#6, $10 million). Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables took the top spot at $16.5 million, with Julia RobertsEat, Pray Love landing at #4 in its second week.


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