Jeff Bridges’ Movies – From The Dude to a Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges won the Golden Globe for Best Actor - Drama for 'Crazy Heart' on Sunday night at the awards ceremony in Beverly Hills. It comes as a strong recognition for a very under-rated actor whose skill and talent has has made him one of the most reliable actors in Hollywood. He also hails from a Hollywood dynasty started by his late dad Lloyd Bridges and also includes his brother Beau Bridges.

Jeffrey Bridges was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Dorothy Bridges(née Simpson) and actor Lloyd Bridges. He has an older brother, Beau, and a younger sister, Lucinda. Another brother, Garrett, died of sudden infant death syndrome in 1948. He shared a close relationship with his brother, actor Beau Bridges, who acted as a surrogate father when their real father was busy with work.He and his siblings were raised in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles. He served in the US Coast Guard in the late 1960s, and as a reservist in the early 1970s.

Bridges is an uncle of Jordan Bridges. He married Susan Geston in 1977. He met Geston during the shooting of the movie Rancho Deluxe which was filmed on a ranch where Geston worked as a maid. The couple have three daughters: Isabelle (born in 1981), Jessica Lily (born in 1983), and Hayley Roselouise (born in 1985). He is also a known cannabis user; in an interview, he admitted to giving up smoking during filming of The Big Lebowski, but has not "permanently kicked the habit."

As a teenager, Bridges appeared, along with his brother Beau, on their father's CBS anthology series, The Lloyd Bridges Show (1962-1963).

His first major role was in the 1971 movie The Last Picture Show for which he garnered a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was nominated again for the same award for his performance opposite Clint Eastwood in the 1974 filmThunderbolt and Lightfoot. One of his better known roles was in the 1982 science-fiction cult classic Tron, in which he played Kevin Flynn, a video game programmer. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1984 for playing the alien in Starman. He was also acclaimed for his roles in the thriller Against All Odds and the crime drama Jagged Edge. His role in Fearless is recognized by some critics to be one of his best performances. One critic dubbed it a masterpiece; Pauline Kael wrote that he "may be the most natural and least self-conscious screen actor that has ever lived". He also starred as "The Dude" in the Coen Brothers' cult-classic film The Big Lebowski.

In 2000, he received his fourth Academy Award nomination, for his role in The Contender. He also starred in the 2005 Terry Gilliammovie Tideland, his second with the director (the first being 1991's The Fisher King). He played the role of Obadiah Stane in the 2008 Marvel motion picture, Iron Man. In July 2008 and July 2009, at the San Diego Comic-Con International, he appeared in a teaser for Tron Legacy, the sequel to Tron.

As a precursor to his Oscar chances this year, Bridges won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama for his role as Bad Blake in the film Crazy Heart, in which he acknowledged his wife.


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