Jeff Bridges’ Crazy Heart – the actor is a fallen country star

Jeff Bridges may be the most under-rated actor around. He's been in movie business for 30 years and hails from an acting dynasty and yet he's passes from movie role to movie role with grace and aplomb. His career highlights may well be The Dude from 'The Big Lebowski' and the villain in 'Iron Man'. But this winter he is about to come full force with a mganetic performance which could earn him an Oscar - that as a country singer on the mend in the movie 'Crazy Heart'.

You can almost smell Bad Blake — an aging country music star played by Bridges — as he performs in Crazy Heart. Approaching 60, he's bearded, grizzled, drenched in sweat — and completely drunk.

His drink of choice is "McClure's" — and if you don't recognize that as a tried-and-true brand of whiskey, that's because it's not."



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