Jay Leno has the buzz, but will viewers respond?

Jay Leno has shed more than a dozen pounds and the weighty traditions of the "Tonight Show" that would tie his prime-time future to his late-night past.

The desk that's central to any talk show will go mostly unused. There will also be fewer stars hawking their latest movies, TV shows and albums, and instead more comedy when NBC's "The Jay Leno Show" debuts at 10 p.m. EDT Monday.

But can the newly trim, 59-year-old Leno bring major change to American television with a one-hour show five nights a week?

"I do think this is the kind of bold move that the networks need to make if they're going to hold onto any part of their primacy in the TV world," says Tim Brooks, author of "The Complete Directory to Prime-time Network and Cable TV Shows."



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