Jason Bateman Changes Up His Acting

Jason Bateman stretches some new acting chops in his new acting chops in the comedy ‘The Change-up”. It starts when he is stirred awake by a duet of dead-of-night cries over a baby monitor placed on his bedside table. Playing -- for the moment -- an earnest father and hard working lawyer named Dave, Bateman opens the "The Change-up" by responding to the parent alarm with a well-practiced series of shoulder rolls and quick breaths, before checking in on his infant twins. And, a few sloppy hijinks later, getting a hot blast of diarrhea sprayed into his mouth.

Thusly begins what was, Bateman revealed in a conversation with The Huffington Post, the funniest script he had ever read.

"I was like, wait a second, this is how they're gonna start? All right, I'm ready, my knees are bent, I'm prepared for anything they're gonna throw me," he laughed, remembering his reaction to the opening scene, "and they didn't disappoint. It just kept coming."

The film, written by the scribes behind "The Hangover" movies, casts Bateman's Dave as harried and unable to breathe: at home, wife Jamie, played by Leslie Mann, is demanding a therapist-recommended "dialogue night" amidst the insanity of a house with three young children; at the office, he's trying to make partner at his law firm while avoiding awkwardness with sexy younger co-worker Sabrina, played by Olivia Wilde. "The Change-up" signals exactly that for his character, as soon, a new Bateman emerges, thanks to a drunken wish while peeing in a fountain alongside best friend Mitch, a responsibility-free aspiring actor played by Ryan Reynolds.


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