James Franco gains directing skills


James Franco may be best known for his acting, but fans will have to make do with him being behind the camera in the near future.

The Pineapple Express star picked up this year's Breakthrough Actor Award at the Hollywood Film Festival's Awards Gala held in Beverly Hills.

But James explained how he's balancing working in movies whilst learning to direct: "I'm in film school in New York and I did just finally finish my first short."

The actor laughed when asked if he'd like to win a Breakthrough Director Award next: "Maybe, I don't know. A little down the road, maybe!"

Over the summer, the actor graduated from UCLA having studied English literature. The actor admitted he tried to stay away from the Hollywood spotlight for a while.

"I kind of tried to sneak away and they pulled me back in," he said.

After previously confessing to being disappointed by some of the movies he was making, James admitted he's been proud to return with Pineapple Express and his new movie Gus Van Sant's Milk.

"It's been nothing but great the past year," he said. "I got to do two movies that I'm very proud of and I was just happy that I was not ashamed of them and they actually turned out to be really good.

"I can honestly say to people that they should go out and see it - and mean it."



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