iTunes Subscribers Could Feel Pinch From Writers’ Strike

When the Writers Guild of America began its strike on November 10, few people might have imagined that the people affected would potentially include iTunes Store customers. But as the strike enters its 10th week, customers who subscribed to iTunes season passes for their favorite TV shows are starting to find they paid for digital downloads they haven't received. And it's not clear when they will get those downloads.

First introduced in March 2006, the iTunes season pass feature lets subscribers pay up front for an entire season's worth of episodes for a particular show; subscribers receive automatic downloads of new episodes a day or so after they air on broadcast TV. As an example, a fan of the program Desperate Housewives could pay US$34.99 to receive all past and future episodes of that show's fourth season, which began airing last fall.

However, with writers on the picket lines, the well of original episodes for scripted TV shows has begun drying up. For example, the final completed episode of Desperate Housewives appeared on iTunes last week; it was the 11th episode of the fourth season, well short of the 23 episodes that typically make up a full season.

(Source: PC World)

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