Is social media killing film criticism?

Everybody's a critic.

No, really. In our tightly wired, Twittering world, everybody's a critic -- or expected to be one.

Movie studios count on early viewers to create buzz through blog posts and online comments. Fans' day-of-release tweets play into word-of-mouth. Established film reviewers contribute their takes.

As summer movie season kicks into gear Friday, there are more voices than ever. And that's just fine with Matt Atchity.

Atchity is the editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes, the popular film review aggregation site. It's at the nexus of old-style movie reviewers, who write several-hundred-word essays on current releases, and members of the public, who increasingly contribute their digital two cents.

The public can do it through as well as RT's parent company, Flixster, the social site that characterizes itself as "the world's largest online movie community." There are also other review aggregators and online communities, such as RT's rival, Metacritic.

He sees value in all sides.



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