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An Interview with Amitabh Bachchan 

There are very few men who look acceptable in a dark red velvet jacket, embroidered silk shirt and extravagantly monogrammed carpet slippers, but somehow it is difficult to imagine the very regal Amitabh Bachchan wearing anything else. His long face is dramatically framed by jet black hair and a silvery beard, and his speech is peppered with elegant, slightly quaint-sounding words. During our interview, minions scurry in bringing him tea, biscuits and fruit salad, to be dismissed with an imperious wave.

On the subcontinent, Bachchan's status is apparently approaching that of a minor deity. When he fell ill with intestinal problems in 2005, there were reports of fans fasting and making pilgrimages across the country carrying healing water from the Ganges. TV crews kept a 24-hour vigil at the hospital and the Times of India received 10,634 text messages and 12,888 voicemails from their readers wishing him a quick recovery. The Indian diaspora have made him a global star: in a BBC online poll in 1999, Bachchan beat Laurence Olivier to be voted "the greatest star of stage or screen of the last 1,000 years". 

(Source: New Statesman)

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