Is becoming a filmmaker worth it?


With today's modern digital technology and cheaper entry costs into the world of independent filmmaking, it is pretty tempting to dive into making your own "commercial" movie and claim it's better than your neighbor's kid's home-made short where children have super powers and defeat evil dad. Perhaps, the tough modern economy is making such an investment seem better than the 2% you get elsewhere practical.

Today's article is a quick summary of what filmmakers and investors are up against in bringing a real feature or short film to life. Just like with book publishing, the music biz, and the tools and entry become easier, the payoff gets harder. Honestly, it boils down to finding your way through a saturated industry. We all should know that any industry that gets saturated is prone to a tough climb for the little guy and results in an endless sea of bottom feeders that destroy the worth of any efforts. I'm not trying to drive ambitious people from trying this, just making everyone aware of some realities.


Commentary, Filmmaking

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