INTERVIEW: Writer-Director Jonathan Kasdan arrives with ‘In The Land of Women’


Director Jon Kasdan (left) with Adam Brody on the set of “In the Land of Women”.
Photo by Liane Hentscher and courtesy of Warner Bros.

Following on the heels of his father Lawrence Kasdan and brother Jake Kasdan, Jonathan Kasdan arrives with his feature directing debut called In The Land of Women. Shot on a US$10 million budget from Warner Independent, it follows a heartbroken TV writer (Adam Brody, breaking away from the OC) who returns to suburban Detroit to nurse his ailing grandmother and begins to emotionally connect with his neighbors – a mother and daughter played by Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. 

In The Land of Women falls squarely in the realm of the disillusioned-young-man-heads-back-home sub-genre. One of the most successful movies in that sub-genre has been Zach Braff’s Garden State and currently on network TV, October Road is fanning the flames of another disillusioned writer who returns to his hometown to discover his roots. What does Kasdan bring to the story that audiences might not have already seen? He describes the genesis of In The Land of Women: 

It’s the kind of movie that I really like. I’m a big Jerry Maguire fan, I’m a big Say Anything fan; those are the kinds of movies I really like. In fact, there are references to those kinds of movies in [In the Land of Women]. And they’re not something people are making a lot of in Hollywood right now.

Like his brother Jake, Jonathan briefly dabbled with writing for the cult TV show that was cancelled called Freaks and Geeks. In this audio, video and print interview, Jonathan Kasdan recounts the travails of bringing his feature to the big screen.

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