INTERVIEW: TV creators of ABC’s ‘Flash Forward”

As ABC finds itself up against the final, unimaginable wrap-up season of their hugely successful island tease-athon, Lost, it seems to have found a new Atlas on whom it can rest its global expectations.

The new show is FlashForward, another mysterious, sci-fi-ish thriller based on the 1999 novel by Robert J. Sawyer. Fundamentally, it entertains a scenario where an initially unexplained global blackout gives everyone on earth a sneak peak at their own futures, six months hence.

The fun starts when you ask the question, what would you do?

David S. Goyer, scripter for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and Marc Guggenheim, a writer on such TV shows as Law and Order, CSI: Miami and the feature X-Men Origins: Wolverine, been working, along with fellow producer Brannon Braga to answer that question.

They spoke with the Writers Guild of America, West Web site about the central question posed byFlashForward, the huge logistical challenge of writing a show with 10 reoccurring roles, and exactly how to fill the shoes of Lost.



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