INTERVIEW: Screenwriter Steve Niles on his upcoming horror movie ’30 Days of Nights’


Graphic novelist and screenwriter Steve Niles called into Cinematical headquarters this weekend from the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors Convention in New Jersey . Speaking about 30 Days of Nights, from the marketing push that will include a series of short films based on the comics, to the ComicCon plans for the film, to the rating -- it's going to be R, for sure -- to the massive sequel potential that exists, considering how much source material there is.

Niles is already thinking about a Dark Days sequel revolving around Melissa George's character, something even she wasn't thinking about last November) If you're a movie person who isn't familiar with the 30 Days graphic novels or Niles' work in general, he's a major name in comics, having developed many well-known titles and collaborated with scores of other artists.

(Source: Cinematical)

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