INTERVIEW: Screenwriter Scott Frank

THE LOOKOUT Director Scott Frank and ...

Proving that it’s never too late to direct, screenwriter Scott Frank makes his directing debut at age 47 on The Lookout. The script for The Lookout has been long deemed as one of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood in over a decade, coming close twice to being helmed by Sam Mendes and David Fincher with Leonardo DiCaprio attached at one point. But after some prompting, Frank decided that he should be the one calling the shots on his own script. In a recent interview with Creative Screenwriting, he explains why it’s taken so long to bring The Lookout to the screen: 

“Because I take as long as three years to write an original script, at some point I need to stop and take another job. But I don’t want a job that will be too long, as that would take me away from the script that I’m writing. It allows me to not have to turn my script in early or race through it. I can keep going at my own pace”

Here in this interview, Frank talks about how The Lookout came to be and his journey as a writer. Frank joins a growing list of writers making their directing debuts this year.


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