INTERVIEW: ‘Saw 4’ director Darren Lynn Bousman


MoviesOnline sat down with director Darren Lynn Bousman to talk about his upcoming horror film, "Saw 4,” which is currently in post production and scheduled for release in late October. Following the events of "Saw 3,” Jeff Denlon finds himself in a race against time as he struggles to survive while locked in a building. While searching for his missing daughter in an attempt to rescue her from her cell of horror, he discovers a video made by twisted serial killer Jigsaw which may unlock the clues to her location. There is a new twist to the puzzle and Jigsaw has one more deadly game left to play. It’s up to Jeff to figure it out before it’s too late. 

Darren explains, "The people that are coming back for "Saw 4” definitely have been here before and they know what they’re doing. People kind of look down [on us] because we’re doing these so fast, we’re churning them out. But one of the great things is we’re not churning them out, we just never stopped production. So it’s not like we have to come back and think.” 

(Source: MoviesOnline)

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