INTERVIEW: Ryan Gosling takes on Hannibal Lecter

FRACTURE When a meticulous structural ...

Ryan Gosling has been making small waves in various independent films until his Oscar nomination a few months ago for Half Nelson. He’s crossing that barrier towards studio projects and as good as an actor we all know he is, we’re hoping that he balances strong roles in both indie and studio films. In his new film, Fractured, Gosling goes up against Anthony Hopkins in a psychological thriller about a young crusading district attorney (Gosling) playing mind games with an engineer (Hopkins) cleared for the attempted murder of his wife. It has echoes of another psychological thriller called Primal Fear with Ed Norton and Richard Gere in similar but reverse roles.  

Gosling’s next film is Lars and the Real Girl, about a guy who has a morbid relationship with a doll he discovers on the Internet. Like Adrien Brody in Dummy, Gosling’s indie credibility is assured with such a role.


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