INTERVIEW: ‘Ninja Assassin’ director James McTeigue talks

The 1980s were the heyday of the ninjas. "The Ninja" by Eric Van Lustbader topped the book charts, and movies like "American Ninja" were the flickering fantasy in every boy's eyes. Heck, even "Magnum P.I." had episode with ninjas in them. Then, as ninjas are wont to do, they disappeared.

Dark Castle and Legendary Pictures are hoping the time is right for the return of these stealthy assassins with "Ninja Assassin," which gushes (and I mean gushes) its way into theaters Nov. 25, hoping to slice into the audience that is not going to see "New Moon." The movie is directed by James McTeigue, who also directed "V for Vendetta." Both movies were produced by the Wachowskis, who first worked with the Australian when they hired him to act as first assistant director on "The Matrix."

Heat Vision had a chance to talk to McTeigue at the movie's premiere afterparty, which was, fittingly, at Yamashiro's, the Japanese castle-restaurant overlooking Hollywood.


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