INTERVIEW: Naveeen Andrews finds his way with ‘Lost’


'It's definitely been interesting and eventful, it's never been boring," says Naveen Andrews, leaning back on a plump sofa in an oppressively overdone London hotel room, his black curls spreading out behind his head like a halo. "Incredibly stressful at times, but it's been a ride. But I don't think I would have had it any other way." From there - teenage dropout, alcoholic, drug addict who fathered a child with his maths teacher - to here, a 39-year-old global TV star, seems like a big leap. It's hard to know where to start.

Perhaps we should begin on more solid ground, if the ridiculously confusing TV show Lost could ever be described as that. Now in its fourth season, the end is finally in sight. The hugely expensive TV drama, in which a group of aesthetically pleasing survivors of a plane crash find themselves on an island they have to share with, among other things, rogue polar bears, underwater bunkers, and a group of sinister inhabitants called the Others, will come to an end after the sixth season. All the bizarre, disparate storylines and questions will be tied up, but that isn't to say that Andrews has any intention of revealing what happens in the fourth series (the writers' strike in America has meant they haven't even finished shooting it, even though they have just started to screen it).

(Source: The Guardian UK)

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