INTERVIEW: ‘Narnia’ Producer Mark Johnson


There's a little known trade secret among entertainment writers that whenever a new movie opens, you always try to interview the actors first, and if that fails, you at least try to talk to the directors. Because of this, screenwriters and producers tend to get a raw deal when they attend their movie junkets even though they often have the most interesting things to say about the project, having often been there from the very beginning.

Mark Johnson is certainly one of those producers, having made or been involved with many successful movies, including a few that might be considered classics, including Bugsy, Good Morning Vietnam and Rain Man, for which Johnson won an Oscar. He's also been involved with a lot of cool projects like Galaxy Quest and others, but his most successful endeavor to date has to be 2005's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which grossed nearly $750 million worldwide.

The upcoming Prince Caspian reunites director Andrew Adamson and most of the first film's young cast while introducing newcomer Ben Barnes as the title character, a young prince destined to one day rule over Narnia. Because never talked to Johnson for the first movie, the release of the sequel seemed like a good time to talk to the man who had been so heavily involved with bringing C.S. Lewis' books to life, and after a brief chat at the New York Comic-Con a few weeks back, we were able to sit down with Johnson in a quieter environment to talk about what went into making this enormous and epic film, as well as the future of the franchise.

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